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“I’m thinking community college. Maybe the military. But probably community college.”

High school guidance counselor

“Some of the worst stage-fright I’ve seen.”

Former probation officer

During the lockdowns, people took advantage of free time to remodel their basements, cultivate a green thumb, or charge people a hundred dollars for toilet paper in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

Unfortunately, those who developed a brown thumb paid up.

As for me, I started typing.

At first, I wrote for fun. An article here, a writing prompt there, a guest post for anyone that would take one.

But when it became clear that our leaders and institutions declared war on everyday Americans, I took it personally.

I’ve spent my whole life with average Jills and Joes, from pre-school to working in restaurants, office buildings, foxholes, and maybe the drunk tank once or twice.

That’s why I promote patriotic brands, organizations, and people who stand up for everyday Americans.

If that’s your customer base, and you need straightforward and genuine content (that doesn’t forget to laugh through the insanity) for your online publication, newsletter, or blog, let’s talk.